Dear Readers

The end of the year is approaching and the harshness of the Argentine crisis is not limited to the
economic. The worries left by the course of the Boca-River final
with the disturbances caused are nothing more than a reflection of a sad
culture. In the main note Sebastián Auguste summarizes in a parallel
football and macroeconomics why we are where we are
unlike other neighboring countries.

Daniel Hoyos presents in his note an analysis of the
current monetary policy versus the previous one to the change in the presidency of the
BCRA and Guillermina Simonetta leaves open a possibility of
recovery of flows for emerging in this end of the year possibly
from the hand of the so-called rally of Santa Claus

We also interview a company in our city and answer
a question from readers.

We hope as always that these analyzes are useful.
Yours sincerely-

Sebastian Auguste

ienews_November 2018

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